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Hear What Others Have to Say

Eric and Stella have been pivotal in my health and athletic training journey for some time now. Since 2020 I have had the luxury of getting personal training, group classes, event training like SPARTAN, as well as diet plans and health tips from both Eric & Stella. Not only have they helped me achieve goals and break boundaries in my strength, but have kept me motivated and mentally strong throughout the process. I feel extremely comfortable going to them with any issues and ideas. They have a welcoming vibe and thoughtful responses. They make it their goal to personalize your experience, even within a large group. With all this, Eric & Stella, and those I have been training with, have become more like family.

Maria T.

The decision to start training with Eric was one of the best decisions I ever made. He is very knowledgeable in many areas and has a lot of valuable information to share with his clients. He teaches his clients the importance of sticking to a routine and being consistent with the exercise. He also stresses the importance of nutrition as well as exercise because the two go together. Eric is very dedicated to his clients and their success and helps each person reach their individual fitness goals and needs. He is very creative with his workouts and will throw different exercises at you which makes it fun! All throughout your training sessions he always encourages you, motivates you and pushes you to your limits in the best way! I’ve been training with him for a few months now and I absolutely love it and am seeing incredible results! He really focuses on the proper form for the exercises so that you gain the most out of it possible and prevent any injuries. Eric also stresses the importance of warming up and stretching before exercise and cooling down snd stretching again after exercise. It is so important for our bodies to get ready for exercise, to gradually go into it and after, to slowly cool down and let the body rest. Eric really is the best coach and I highly recommend him to everybody!


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