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Founder & Head Coach



Founder & Head Coach of BK Society, Eric Martinez, has had a passion for athleticism from an early age. Playing many sports and studying martial arts from a young age, Coach Eric has since been convinced that physical activity is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, making it his ultimate goal to better lives through his learnings. 

Coming from a broken home, it felt natural to turn to fitness and health to help combat the daily challenges he faced at home. “Life can be a harsh place, you can get lost into an unhealthy habit fairly quickly,” says Coach Eric. He could have easily picked up on damaging habits instead of going down this chosen path.

Although sports will always have a place in his heart, Coach Eric grew an interest in all the ways the human body could benefit from athletics and nutrition. From at-home workouts to joining local gyms, Coach Eric noticed stronger mental and physical changes within his body, and from there a love grew. Eric Martinez quickly became well known in the Brooklyn fitness world for his calisthenic handstands and “flagpoles”. He has competed and won many local competitions.

In later years, Coach Eric became a qualified trainer, earning his certification in personal training from the and majoring in exercise physiology and physical education in university. The program equipped him with fundamental knowledge in physical therapy, biology, physiology, nutrition, and sports.

Eric’s coaching approach aligns with his values. He supports inclusivity and is confident that everyone can enjoy exercise, regardless of their age and abilities. Additionally, he considers sport a tool for strengthening health first and improving appearance second. It is worth mentioning that Eric adjusts workout plans to clients’ wishes, needs, and fitness levels. In this way, it allows everyone to test their limits and tune into their bodies simultaneously. Coach Eric specializes in group classes that include, but are not limited to functional training, HITT training, weight training and spin classes.

During the COVID-pandemic Coach Eric tore his bicep and quickly felt the concerns that most of his clients have expressed to him in the past. Walking into a gym was unnatural to Eric for some time, as the injury caused him to feel lost, weak and unconfident. Although a curse, it was a blessing in disguise because it allowed Eric to truly understand when a client would express to him the fear of working out, the fear of not being confident, the fear of being judged. Coach Eric Martinez learned that his clients were more like family and that he needed them as much as they needed him. His clients truly helped him gain the confidence to work through his injury and recover.

Eric Martinez opens a gym motivated by the desire to instill a love of fitness in people. A successful personal coach, he was once a fitness fan dedicated to establishing himself as an industry expert. Now, he is eager to give others a chance to unleash their full potential. Brooklyn Society is undoubtedly a perfect place to do it. Come see what Coach Eric can do for you.

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